Spend a great time in the cosy atmosphere of the Heidehof located on the Bohemian granite highland and amidst woods, fields, ponds and the nature park Blockheide. The "non-smoke"-apartment is for 1 – 3 people with en suite facilities, bedroom with two beds and kitchen-cum-living room, altogether about 45m2.
A child`s bed is also available and pets are welcome. The central location provides easy access to hiking and cycling paths in the area. It takes only few minutes on foot to the historic town centre of Gmünd or the nature park Blockheide.
Also in wintertime our Heidehof is a very good choice to spend a wonderful holiday.

The Heidehof has been a family-run business for centuries and the present owner, Ing. Christian Schwingenschlögl, is a direct descendent of the Höllrigl family whose name has been standing for tradition and ownership for centuries.
The Heidehof and the village Grillenstein might be as old as the town Gmünd, which has developed since the 12th century from an early Kuenringer settlement and border guard where the two rivers Braunau and Lainsitz meet. The village name `Grillenstein` refers to the rocky slopes on the rim of the Gmünd basin opposite the town of Gmünd on the other bank of the Braunau. Around 1600 there lived sidejob farmers in about 20 houses. The farms were between 8 and 12 hectares big, but the stony and barren fields could not feed the families. The old job title `weaver` can still be found on every house.
Around 1870 there was a change of lifestyle in the area when the Franz-Josefs-railway linked Vienna and Prague and Gmünd got a railway station and workshops. At that time granite production became very important and was industrialised, thus creating jobs for local people and migrant workers, eg. from Italy. Granite was not only transported to Vienna, but also to every corner of the monarchy.
The nature park Blockheide is the agricultural area of the Grillenstein farmers. Around the big rocks there are the `Bicherl`, tiny woods of oaks and birches. Hightech working processes have made it possible to split huge granite rocks and so the idea of creating this nature park was born, of course with the consent of the landowners. This preserved a piece of land in its original form for the generations to come. Maintenance of the nature park has become tremendously difficult since the opening in 1964.
Nevertheless, there have been changes in the farming methods the farmers in the area could not keep up with and the stony soil was not ideal for modern machinery, thus the harvests were bad and disappointing. So only few farmers have survived.
But the jewel that has remained is the intact and unspoilt nature, which offers you a holiday and hiking paradise. Relaxation in peace and quiet should not be missed and it will give you a holiday to remember.

Grillensteiner Strasse 5
A-3950 Gmünd-Grillenstein
Telefon 0664 860 26 58